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Capturing your reflections

Learning Outcome 5 asks you to identify a tool (or tools) for capturing your reflections along the way, to monitor your progress and to be able to undertake your reflection at the end to evaluate the development of your digital skills and knowledge.

The University of Worcester have useful information about keeping a reflective journal and the kind of questions you might ask yourself.

You could self assess your digital skills at the start and compare your progress at the end.

Text: You could create a personal or private blog for written reflections.  See the wiki: how to create a personal blog.  If you have a smart phone you could try evernote (or another equivalent) which allows you to take notes by phone, and synch those notes with PC. Your smart phone may also have a note function built in which you could use in a similar way.

Visual/audio: .  JISC's infokit on screencasting gives detailed information about screencasts and JISC and Screencast o matic.  A previous Thinking Digitally learner took static screencasts to record the different stages of the development of his digital artefact and coupled these with sound files to narrate his reflections along the way.  Audioboom is a platform which quickly and easily allows you to share a short, sharp soundfile.  Check out Audioboom for educators, Audioboom for communities or Education Scotland on Audioboom at the 2014 Scottish learning festival for some examples.

Visual/text: blipfoto is a photojournal site which allows you to take one photo a day, which must be taken that day (uploading via phone app or by PC) and you leave a description which in this case could be a record of your journey.  It also functions as social media site and your entries are public. People can leave comments on your 'blips' and perhaps rate your photos, but since it has a mantra of 'be excellent', 'be kind' it is set up as a supportive online community.  If you are using blipfoto add the links to your account in your eportfolio.

Whatever you choose, please remember to keep reflecting, 'little and often' so that you have a rich tapestry of learning when it comes to creating the final reflective account.
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