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Free online platforms to create digital artefacts

Prezi is a dynamic online powerpoint tool which you can access anywhere you have an internet connection.  You could add links, images, text, videos and so on to create an online blended media digital artefact, hosted somewhere relevant.  An example of a prezi by Aberdeenshire high school pupils about Lead Scotland which incorporates images, text and video.  A prezi has also been created for the Thinking Digitally course introductory session.

Tumblr, wordpress and blogger allow you to create free blogs - fairly straightforward.  Check out this search for ‘literacy learning’  and you’ll see all blog posts related to that subject to give you a feel for different blogsites.  You’ll see that when you click into one that you have the option to ‘follow’ and then you would be signing up for future updates from that blogger. 
An example of basic wordpress site volunteering round table with basic functions such as: separate heading tabs,  contact us form, links to photos hosted in photobucket.  Wordpress enables you to create blogs and/or websites.

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