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Netiquette is being polite when you are using the Internet such as when sending emails, using social media or other types of communcation online.  It literally means 'net' and 'etiquette'. When people receive an email from you, they can’t see your face and don’t know whether you are joking or angry for example. They only see the words you type, so you have to be careful what you write in case there is confusion.
Here are some rules to keep things simple:
  • Use small letters when you are typing – i.e. DON’T TYPE USING CAPITAL LETTERS! If you do, the person you are sending it to might think you are angry.  It’s just like being shouted at. It can also be difficult to read.
  • Keep your messages short. You don’t have to write long letters or emails. It keeps things simple and doesn’t confuse people.
  • Don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in public. It’s easy for people to forward an email on to somebody else, so don’t send anything you don’t want anybody else to see.
  • It’s fine to start your email with ‘Hi’ and then the name of the person you are sending it to but this is usually for someone you know well.
  • Include your name at the bottom of the email.

Try it for yourself

Name one thing you have learned about netiquette that you will put into practice when you are communicating online.


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