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Develop your mouse skills

Sometimes the mouse is built into the laptop in the form of a touch pad or you can choose to have an external mouse which you can plug into a laptop. Most of them have 2 buttons – a left button and a right button. Sometimes a mouse will have a wheel in the middle which you can use to scroll up and down pages.

  • You can change the mouse to suit if you are left or right handed.
  • When you use a standard external mouse, your index finger should be positioned over the left button.
  • You normally need to click the left button to open things. Sometimes you need to click the left button twice.  If a double click is required you may need to click it quickly in succession.
  • When you move the mouse, you should see a little arrow move around the screen – this is called a cursor.
  • Move the arrow to hover over the file or picture or icon that you want to open and click the mouse once or twice to make it open.
  • Move it around the screen and see what happens.
  • Having difficulty using the mouse? Find keyboard and mouse adaptations

Try it for yourself

Practice using the mouse by playing games and doing mouse exercises. Here are a few to get your started:

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