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Computer jargon

Look at your keyboard and familiarise yourself with the keys by downloading our computer keyboard  information sheet.

Activity one: Download our computer parts to get started and see what each part of a computer looks like, then download parts of the computer for more information on what each part does.

Activity two: Read the following common words used about computers and their meaning:

  • Computer: an electronic device to process data and used to email and go on internet
  • Hardware: the physical parts of a computer that you can touch and feel
  • Software:  programs that tell a computer what to do
  • PC: Personal Computer
  • Processor: the “brain” of the computer
  • CD drive: holds and reads compact disk
  • Desktop computer: sits on desk with separate monitor
  • Keyboard: has keys to put data into the computer
  • Peripherals: extra attachments (for example microphone or camera)
  • Operating system: a system necessary for a computer to operate
  • Memory: for the computer to store information
  • Internet: a network connecting millions of computers

Try it for yourself: 

Research one word related to the internet and tell us what it means when you get to the group.  You can choose from the following words or find one yourself:

Broadband, Blog, wiki, social media. 

If you'd like something more challenging check out the silver surfer's guide to parts of the computer.


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