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Lead Scotland volunteer training

Our role specific training opportunities have been created by Lead staff and volunteers.  Talk to your local Training, Development and Support Worker about joining the next session.  

Volunteer induction: Every volunteer receives an induction and a volunteer handbook.   

Supporting Adult learners (SAL): Self reflect with help of the Supporting Adult Learmers workbook then join a group session to unpick your support role with learners.

Using facebook safely: This short session introduces you to ways in which you can support a learner to think about the boundaries that they are comfortable setting for themselves safely whilst using facebook.

Introduction to Assistive technologies training: A hands on training where you learn how to use the accessibility functions within the operating system to suit different learners preferences.  We can also demonstrate some assistive software and peripherals.

Boundaries training: This day's training is about managing expectations.  It encourages you to think about your own boundaries and organisational boundaries.

Disability equality in learning: This day's training encourages you to consider the roots of prejudice and discrimination in relation to learning. Explore the differences between equality and diversity, different models of disability and find out more about the Equality Act 2010.

ICT handbook: Using ICT can be an extremely empowering experience. This guide describes different roles and the parameters when suporting a learner using their own computer or a Lead laptop. 

Thinking Digitally: At SCQF level 6 and worth 12 credits, this course requires more time commitment, but we think it's worth the effort.  Find out more about Thinking Digitally.

Virtual volunteer mentoring pack: Experience this role first hand to find out more about supporting learners online via email or via the internet.

Personal safety training: This thought provoking group training with video and facilitated discussion considers the issues around volunteering in peoples homes and keeping safe if that's your role.

Other volunteer training?

Talk to your Training, Development and Support Worker if you are interested in any of the following training opportunities, which are provided by external training providers. We are not responsible for the content of their websites or information.

The Personal Development Award introduction to tutoring in adult literacies (PDA ITALL) is provided by the local Adult Literacies partnership.

Certificate in Interpersonal Skills via University of Wales, Lampeter. There is now a cost for this training. Check out their finance page for details.

Vskills for employability allows you to gain credits and build employability skills via volunteering.


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