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SCQF Level 3 Community Action and Leadership Award

Find out more information about the SCQF level 3 Community Action and Leadership Award from learners.  A group of Highland learners talk about going through the Unit called Self Awareness and Identity.

  • Some people want to learn how to be volunteers.
  • Some people want to get jobs.
  • This course helps you gain skills and confidence whatever you want to do next. 

Working through Unit 1, Self awareness and identity.  What does that mean?:


  • Think about things you are good at and things you want to get better at - which will help you as a volunteer or in a job
  • Talk about things you want to get better at - things you will need to volunteer or work
  • Choose your own project - something to help you in a workplace or as a volunteer
  • Learn more about yourself and how others see you

Working through Unit 2, Active Citizenship. What does that mean?:


  • Learn what citizenship means - being a good citizen as a volunteer or in the workplace
  • Become an active citizen!  In a way that matches your goals and ideas
  • Make a difference within your community by being a volunteer
  • Get feedback about your skills as a volunteer

Working through Unit 3, Promoting Inclusion. What does that mean?:

  • Find out what prejudice and discrimination means
  • Find ways of challenging discrimination
  • Learn about different ways of looking at disability
  • Work with others to make easy to read information
  • Get feedback about your skills

Unit 4, Influencing Change. What does that mean?

  • Find out how you can make things better in your community 
  • Work with others to contact a service provider
  • Find out what it means to be a leader
  • Talk about your skills and what you have learned during the course


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