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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to go through the learning programme?

Approximately 3 to 6 months, depending on how often the group meets. 

Where will the learning take place?

We will look for an accessible learning centre depending on the needs of individuals and groups.

How will it be assessed?

There are no exams.  You will build up a portfolio of evidence which will be assessed by a Lead Scotland assessor and will be verified by a Lead Scotland and ARC Scotland.   

How long will the learning sessions be?

Each group will decide how frequently they will meet to work through the learning programme.  This will be agreed at the start to help you plan around this.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to the learner as this project is funded by Skills Development Scotland's Employability Fund.

What support is available?

The Lead staff member or sessional tutor will talk to you at the start about the types of support you feel you will need to complete the course.  Volunteer support may be available. 

How many people will be in the group?

We will keep the groups small, between 5 and 8 people, so that there is plenty of support for everyone.

The course is at SCQF level 3 - How do I know if I can do it?

We will work with you to talk about your experience of learning and explain what you will be doing on the course. 

Will it be an application form and/or interview?

We will have an application form for you to complete and we will have a chat with people before they sign up to the learning programme.  We want people to be aware of the commitment involved.

Do I need computer skills to undertake learning programme?

It would be helpful to have some basic computer skills because part of the project will be connecting people across 4 areas, so computers and the internet help us do this more easily.  Talk to project staff about the skills that you have to see if you feel ready for the learning programme.

The words, "service provider", appear a lot on this website, but what is a service provider?

Service provider means any organisation which has a service.  This could be health services, social care organisations, transport organisations, education services, local council services, leisure services, local bank, or a shop or many others. 

How will the course help me get a job?

The course will help you build your skills and develop yourself. You can choose projects which will help you in the workplace.  You will get the opportunity to try our your new skills as a volunteer which will help you become more ready for work.



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