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Community Action and Leadership Award

"As a disabled person I would like to be heard, and to understand why thing's are the way they are? And then change them so that we (disabled) people can actually join in"

This award has been developed from a need to strengthen the voice of disabled people and carers as involved, decision makers within communities. Service providers have legal and statutory duties to involve and work with local people to inform local decision making, however, currently disabled people are underrepresented in this process.

"The best outcome could be for everyone in the community to have a heightened awareness of the needs of disabled people and the difficulties they face."

These are just 2 comments from hundreds of comments gathered whilst evidence was gathered for the need for this project.

The aim of the Community Action and Leadership Award is to enable disabled people and carers to develop the list of skills given below skills which will in turn enable them to plan, influence, inform, and evaluate local decision making. We want disabled people and carers feeling confident to influence change in their communities and for the service providers.

This Award is more than just working towards a qualification.  This is equally about developing skills and the confidence to go forward and use them.

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