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Audio introduction to the project: transcript

Hello and welcome to Get Connected and Lead - a new pilot project from Lead Scotland. The full name of this project is Get Connected and Lead: Maximising the influence of Minority Voices.

It is well known that disabled people don’t have enough of a say in the decisions made both for them and about them.

This often happens because they don’t have the self confidence or the self esteem to tell those who provide the services exactly what they need;

or it could be that they don’t know how to go about approaching the service providers or indeed how to get in touch with them.

This project aims to bring the service users and the service providers together face to face - or virtually - so that disabled people can begin to influence change in their community.

You could become involved in this project and you could learn how to put your opinions across to people, those people who provide the services you use!

We have developed a new customised SQA Award in Community Action and Leadership which we will be delivering at two levels of difficulty. You can learn either in a small group in your local area or if you cannot come to a class we have developed this interactive website where you can access your learning materials and submit your work. We will support you fully however you access the learning programme. If you need a volunteer to help you we will match you up with one of our fully trained volunteers who will work with you to attain your award. We would also like you to be able to keep in touch with your fellow learners and so we have also created a ‘secret’ Facebook page which is only available to you and other people on the course.

The project is running in Glasgow, Inverclyde, West Dunbartonshire and Highland so you could be connecting with people in other parts of the country!

We have recruited experienced, friendly people in each of the areas who will help you not only to achieve your award but to set up meetings with the service providers so that you can have a meaningful dialogue with them.

We want everyone to be able to be involved in this project, whatever their impairment or need so if you would like to enrol on the learning programme get in touch with the Training Development Support Worker for your area and we will work out with you the best way forward.

If you need to have your learning materials in a specific format like video or audio we will convert the materials so that you can use them effectively.

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