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Learners: Community Action and Leadership

Get Connected and Lead Leaflet

Take part in our 4 part  learning programme,  SCQF Level 3, Community Action and Leadership Award, gain a qualification and employability skills while you make a difference in your community

  • Action learning: use and understand the value of your skills
  • Improve your skills: problem solving, ICT, listening skills, working with others and many others
  • Volunteering/Work experience: undertake projects which help prepare you for volunteering and work
  • Practicing your skills: take part in projects and activities which will help you put your skills into practice in new ways 
The learning programme is made up of 4 parts (units):
Self Awareness and Identity: In this part you will find out more about yourself and your skills. You will be supported to carry out a short project of your own choosing. For example you might want to learn to speak up in a group or something else which is important to you. Share what you have learned with others and find out about their projects too.
Active Citizenship: The best way to learn about active citizenship is to be an active citizen. In this part of the course you will be doing just that! Tell us what you are passionate about - in this part of the course we will support you to put your skills into action. For example you might want to work with others to campaign about something you are passionate about, or join a committee or something else which is important to you.
Promoting Inclusion: In this part we will support you to promote inclusion and challenge discrimination. Promoting inclusion is about setting a good example of how to include everyone. Challenging discrimination is about asking for people to be treated fairly. Be part of a team to produce a piece of accessible information. For example you might choose to make a flyer for someone who is visually impaired and test it out. Share ideas about ways to challenge discrimination. Work with others and share what has worked well in this part.
Influencing Change: This part is about learning to work together with others to influence change and improve services. You will think about what needs to change and plan to make it happen. Build your leadership skills as you try to influence change. You can do it!


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